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Introducing my new band:
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Well it's not just my band. It's a colaboration with Mike Speranzo (my husband :-) and Frank Spadafora. Frank and Mike have been playing in bands together since i met them. Back then it was State College's OUT OF THE BLUE and later the critically acclaimed CRISIS CAR of Pittsburgh. But secretly somewhere between all the work Mike's been doing for Smalls he's been writing these beautiful songs that now are growing into this amazing album.
In addition, probably 90% of Pittsburgh's moste awesome musicians have collaborated or contributed in some way. We're puting the finishing touches on our first album and we hope to have it out early next year.
Please go have a listen at www.myspace.com/drowningclowns

Liz will once again be teaching her awesome band camp for the 8th year in a row! This opportunity is open to anyone, so click here to check it out

NEW DESIGNS - "AudioBioGraphical" stuff...
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Liz's own private vintage and customized clothing store, featuring selections from deep in her closet, each with it's own story to tell. Also, the most original Liz-t-shirts with custom graphics designed by Liz and silkscreened onto recycled shirts, random instruments from her personal collection and more...

This entire website is now translatable into many languages! Just scroll to the bottom of each page and click on the flag for the country/ language you prefer.
So help spread the music to anyone you know in the world!
Awesome, right?

Join the Liz Street team if you are interested in helping with promtions for Liz's CD, C.L.S Records and /or Mr. Smalls. We'd love to have all the help we can get! Email us at reps@lizberlin.com to inquire. And c
heck our rep section for street team news


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