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Q. is there a cd recorded of liz and jenn songs? i thought i saw one for sale at the last RR show i was at.-mike-

A. There is not a cd of liz and jenn songs yet. There will be one day though. Until then you can get Jenn Wertz’s acoustic cd (the one that was on sale at the RR show), and patiently wait for my solo cd to be released. I’m working really hard on it and it will hopefully be finished soon.


This is an excerpt from a previous interview with Liz:
Liz, are there any other musicians on the album you are recording? -b

A : I got of a lot of other musicians to join me. Megan Williams . . . .theres a lot of people. Like a lot of people.

Frank Spadafora (Crisis Car)- vocals on Souvaneir and Fall Down
Paul Tabachnik- vocals on Tell You Why
Megan Williams (Many Bands)- violin
Mike Speranzo- Electric Bass
Randy Venturini (Crisis Car)- Electric Bass
"Shaggy" Frank Marcello (Isabella)- drums on most everything
Weldon Anderson (Squonk Opera)- upright bass
Chris Lohr (Karl Mullen Band)- electric guitar
Eric Cirelli (Soda Jerk)- E. Guitar
Christiane Leach (Soma Mestizo)- Vocals on Monster and Love you

I might have my sister put vocals on "Monster" because it was originally a
Mosquitos song. Have you ever heard of the Mosquitos (smile)? That was
like my first attempt at a side project. It was me on guitar, my sister Katie Berlin singing, and Christianne Leach who is now in Soma Mestizo. We were playing music together and Christianne had never really sung before. But Katie and I had been singing together since we were five in children's choirs, on car trips, family reunions, and the many little shows we made up for our family as we grew up. Chris kept picking up shakers and making noises and stuff, and at a certain point I told her to put the shakers down and sing. She was really shy about it, but I like forced her to sing. She started slowly and quietly, but once she started feeling comfortable and finding her place within the songs the three of us could wield some serious power together. It turned out Chris had an incredibly rich and deep voice, and a really uninhibited creative spontineity. Now in addition to being the great artist, poet and organizer she's always been, she's turned into this great singer and a really powerful creative presence in Pittsburgh. © 2002 site designed by SuperGenius Design