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To Listen to songs from Liz's album in their entirety go to her page at:

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WYEP 91.3 FM added "Love You" to full rotation on 6-11-05 and have been spinning it lots! Thanks to them for the support and thanks to those of you who called in to request "Love You" and other songs. Please continue to call, as that has everything to do with how long and how often they will play them. The station's number is 412 381 9100 and for those of you who are out of Pittsburgh, you can tune into the station online at

WPTS 92.1 FM has been spinning various tracks. Give them a call at 412 383 9787 to request a track.

Several streaming radio stations are featuring Liz's live album. has launched an internationally syndicated weekly broadcast radio show, The Artistlaunch Hour which has featured the songs "Lie" & "Ask" on their show. Featuring the music of outstanding independent artists, the show is aired on FM and AM stations in the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Sweden.  In the U.S the Artistlaunch Hour reaches thousands of listeners in Los Angeles, New York, Michigan, Delaware, Georgia, Arizona, Arkansas, and Alaska.  
To listen to the show Click Here.

Pittsburgh Net Radio -a streaming radio station that features independant musicians (including Liz) mostly from Pittsburgh as well as an extremely cool assortment of music from elsewhere focusing on bands who are touring through the Pittsburgh area.

Selected Alternative and Electronic -contains music from emerging female artists. The station includes songs from Anet, Sandra Carlucci, Robin Frederick, Laura, Alysson Light, Lisa, Ana Lovelis, and many more.

RadioFreePittsburgh -a streaming radio stateion -Tuneful Music from Pittsburgh’s World Class Musicians

EnchantressRadio -Magical Music from Enchanting Voices

RadioFreeRock -part of the Radio Free Tunes family of stations bringing you the best new music and artists

Earth's Alternative Rock archive on the internet.  20,000 alternative rock hits covering over 30 years of music history.

Promotion for Liz's new studio release "AudioBioGraphical" are in full swing.

Sign up now to be a part of the promotional efforts for the new Liz album. We are seeking reps in every city of the current Rusted Root tour to distribute flyers at the shows.

By being a street team member, you are participating in an awesome part of Liz's growing solo career. Along with the great role you play in Liz's advancement, you also get the perks of "you hear it first" upcoming news in solo endevours, Mr. Smalls events, and the world of Liz, you may also get the chance to pick up free tickets to shows (when available)! So if you haven't already signed up, don't hesitate. -Gaba

(PS . . . FYI . . . ETC . . .
Gaba the street team guy is a musician.
Who knew? Check out his newly recorded EP produced at Mr. Smalls Funhouse Recording Studio by none other than Liz Berlin!)



Interviews, Features & Photos

-Liz is featured on Jim Donovan's CD, Revelation #9 which was named Electronica Album of the Year by Just Plain Folks!


Liz's Interview on WYEP 91.3
(January 2002)
"I've been really busy.." X
"Oh my gosh, Liz, you're a diva!" X
Keeping Monsters X

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-Liz is also featured on Dill Deasy's new album, "Good Day, No Rain." Read a review of the album on
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Photos of Liz

performing with her band and with Rusted Root
at Mr. Smalls Theatre
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