Mr. Small's - Recording Studio, Venue, SkatePark, Rock & Roll Bed & Breakfast.

Creative.Life.Support - Mr. Smalls' non-profit baby, to promote & increase communication between artists, public awareness and utilization of Pittsburgh’s vast resources and advantages, and to provide a forum for the education and expansion of creative people and forward thinking organizations

Rusted Root - Not only RR's site but a highly dynamic and interactive place for fans to talk to the band.

Jim Donovan
- a drumming resource from Rusted Root's drummer.

Patrick Norman -Rusted Root's bass player breaks out with his own cool music

John Buynak -Johnny B., Rusted Root's multi-talented artist, guitarist, futist, etc. this site showcases his widely recognizable artwork.

Liz & Jenn -a site dedicated to the musical duo of Liz Berlin & Jenn Wertz (also of RR)

Jenn Wertz -Jenn's site for all of her musical endeavors -the portfolio site of the awesome designer of this awesome website as well as Jenn Wertz's, Jim Donovan's & Creative.Life.Support
(she did not write this about herself, liz did)

Bleeder -the best new band in Pittsburgh. You may remember lead singer & songwriter Greg Felmley from his previous bands, Psoas & Appollo 11.

Greg Wood -He opened for Liz at Club Cafe. An innovative songwriter who uses "live looping technology" to create a full album sound by himself on stage.

MAYU -a very talented woman with an eclectic band sound. Her album was recorded at Mr. Smalls Funhouse Recording Studios and is on the way up the charts in Japan.

Bennyworld -This is a site dedicated to the music of Benny Reitveild, the bass player for Santana and super nice guy

New Invisible Joy - "inventive, creative, experimental, bold.."

Soma Mestizo - #45 of the top 102 things to do in Pittsburgh according to Pittsburgh Press. "The high priestess of Fourth World Beat Voodoo, the empress of super-heroine chic.."

Glen Phillips- the lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Rusted Root toured with them in '95.

Brad Yoder -Prolific Pittsburgh Singer-Songwriter

Pat Humphries -“Pat Humphries carries on the tradition of folk music as a voice of social responsibility.”-Dirty Linen Magazine

This Is Happening -a place to find out about everything cool and creative going down in Pittsburgh -was founded to provide a system of support for artists in and outside of the Pittsburgh area.  This is achieved by focusing on making resources avaliable which help to further the creative process and create a link between the creative community and the public at large.

The Pittsburgh Hall of Fame - Pittsburgh Tri-State Area Musicians Who've Gained National and International Recognition

Kynd Music -an online music 'zine based out of Washington D.C. They cover both national and local, signed and un-signed bands that fall into the very wide genre of "jamband" and the related categories of World Music, Folk and Americana. They are currently running a great article about what the members of Rusted Root are up to these days.

My Straw Hat - A site dedicated to the poetry of John Alan Conte Jr.

The Quiet Storm -a great coffeehouse, venue, and community development success

Earth's Alternative Rock archive on the internet.  20,000 alternative rock hits covering over 30 years of music history. - a place where independent women artists can meet, network, learn and grow individually and as a whole and a place where all people can come and be a part of that experience - dedicated to educating and empowering musical artists, with an emphasis on artist advocacy and artist development.

Independant Media Center -an alternative news resource

Peoples Music Network: Songs for Freedom and Struggle -a community of politically oriented songwriters who welcomed and fostered Liz Berlin at the age of 16. - an Action Without Borders project: search for volunteer opportunities, and non-profit organizations all over the world.